Business Plan

We write your business plan to showcase your professionalism, competiveness and seriousness.


We make it easy to locate multiple funding opportunties by providing you the latest information on federal, state and private funding.


We put together your applications by highlighting the requirements that are looked at by the funders.


Deadline Dates, Requirements, Mailing informations are all just a few daunting tasks when applying. DON'T STRESS..We are there from start to finish.

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Welcome to FundzNetwork...

The FundzNetwork Team has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the funding industry (federal, state, private, NPO, Angel Investors, etc.). Our team works directly with our clients to discover solutions to their funding process challenges. Our goal being, to take something that is complicated, time consuming and overwhelming at many times, and bring it down to its simplest form with the technology and the internet having played a key role in simplifying the whole process. With our 27 years combined experience, We help our clients find, connect and comply with the application process required by the funding agencies. “Peace of mind is knowing you don’t have to figure it all out on your own.”


What's included

  • Business Plan - Often times mistaken for notes on a napkin, a one-page idea, bullet point lists…WRONG! A professional comprehensive business plan (25-30 pages/2000-4000 words) is the detailed work and window into your business idea or your existing business. It is your road map to success. Our focus is to make that window as clear and attractive as possible to all future investors and funders. Paying close attention to several areas can help you go a long way forward. Areas such as: Your Executive Summary Your Financials Your Market Research etc.. Our professional Team is responsible to write and complete ALL documents that are required by the agencies.

  • Funding Sources- Before purchasing our product/services so many of our clients shared with us how confused and overwhelmed they felt when searching for funding. They would click in one area and another, ending up somewhere totally different with no idea where they went and where they ended up, when all they wanted was to find funding. By centralizing and simplifying the search process within our program, we have made it as simple as 1,2,3. Our clients gain access to countless funding sources that include grants, loans and so much more.

  • Applications/Proposals - Every program requires applications & proposals (some may not), but no matter how many you may require to have written, our team will prepare them for you and there is no cap on the amount of applications to be done. ..and all this at no extra cost.

  • Customer Support- No matter how user friendly our IT Department has developed our program, we here at Funding Target still believe in the personal touch. No book, no CD, no program, can ever replace the feeling our clients receive, knowing that they can speak with their Team Members assigned to their file for assistance with their application process.

  • Business and Marketing Tutorials:- Any business project can be scary, difficult, confusing and overwhelming at times, and many of our clients come to us with their ideas but lacking proper structure on how to start their business, on how to set up their business, on how to market their business etc. That is why within our product/service we have taken steps to provide our clients with business tutorials and now marketing tutorials and videos that can educate and help our clients get a clearer, more focused idea on how to proceed to make their dream into a reality. Realizing the added value this had given to our clients’ project, we are committed to constantly add relevant business tutorials and videos to our library.
Business Plan

( a value of $400)

Funding Sources

( a value of $250 )


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Customer Support


Business and Marketing Tools

( a value of $ 297 and up )

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