According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau veterans are successful business owners. Nearly one in 10 small businesses nationwide are veteran owned. We here at FundzNetwork are honored to constantly be working and supporting our veterans with their business ventures.

Veterans develop leadership and management skills while on active and reserve duty, which is why; so many of them choose the path of small business ownership.

But in choosing this path, veterans-turned-business owners face their own share of challenges, like finding funding, and knowing how to actually start a business, how to write a business plan, how to write their financials and proposals.

With our combined 27 years of experience FundzNetwork not only writes their Professional Business Plan, Financials, Market Research, Applications and Proposals but we also assist them in locating the funding resources available to apply.

We are there to assist them thru the “funding maze”, because we know that if a veteran truly believes in something, he knows he can make it happen…he just needs the right assistance and tools to guide him to get the job done!

FundzNetwork simplifies the process in submitting their documents to the different agency to decide on the merit of their project for funding.