Once again the thinking here is all wrong. There is no such thing as you paying for a grant! A Grant is not a product or service that is being bought and sold, and that you would pay for one in order to get one…. It’s simply NOT true.

What you can pay for is the service and experience of a team to prepare your file in order to apply for the grant.

So why pay for it?

Well, when was the last time you had to write a 40-45 pages (approximately 6000 words) comprehensive, detailed business document including financials, projections and market research. If your answer is “Never”, then it pretty much says it all.

So why pay us?

Well, with our combined 27 years experience in this industry, FundzNetwork has heard it all, and seen it all. We not only guide you thru this “funding maze” where we write ALL your documents and help you with the funding sources, but we also draw on our collective tools and experience to help you with your first steps in marketing, social media, web site creation and so much more.