At FundzNetwork, yes of course we do. We offer a complete money back guarantee ($199) when our clients have been declined funding.

We have set a simple process of 1-2-3 for our clients in order to apply successfully. Our team actually writes ALL documents professionally that must be submitted to the different agencies we help you locate.

It is important to understand at FundzNetwork, we are not here in any way to guarantee the funding, since this is not possible by anyone. If you have heard “You have been guaranteed to get a grant, or have been pre-approved for one” please realize this is 100% FALSE!!. Guaranteed grants DO NOT exist.

At FundzNetwork, we guarantee our work and are so very proud of our customer service, and are confident in the high quality of their work. No one, except for the funding agencies or organizations you actually apply to, can render a decision on your file or give you an idea of your chances of success.