At FundzNetwork, we have simplified the process in working with serious individuals who require “professional” help when setting up their business.

Serious individuals looking to start their business should first Identify themselves by asking the following questions:

• Who are you really?
• What is your attitude & thinking behind what it takes to set up a business?
• Do you have the attitude of, “I know it all” or “I know what needs to be done
• Do you realize what your strengths are?
• Can I do it all on my own” or I actually need help

That is why we here at FundzNetwork have invested the time in training our team in making sure that when we identify the ENTREPRENEURS, we are ready and prepared to assist them immediately.

Are you a Wantrepreneur or are you an Entrepeneur?

A Wantrepreneur:
• Wants results with hardly any effort
• Wants the “money/grant/loan” without thinking thru the work it takes to professionally present the file to the different agencies
• Wants everything for “free” and just wants to get started
• Has not analyzed and planned out their business idea • NO detailed description of the business has been written
• The clients have not been identified
• The true cost of the product/service that will be sold has not been determined
• The financials of the business has not been analyzed

An Entrepreneur:
• Realizes their strengths
• Values their time
• Knows they need to leverage their time by working with a professional team that will help them WRITE down the vision they have for their business.
• They are aware of how important First Impressions are when asking for funding
• They might not have the expertise and knowledge required to get the job done “Professionally”.
• Is focused, detailed and organized with their plans and searches and accepts council.
• Is willing to invest time and money in setting up their business properly.

FundzNetwork creates the roadmap to success by making sure that the Complete Comprehensive Business Plan, along with their Financials and Market Research(35-45 pages) is written by our team in order to assure that they are viewed as serious applicants that merit funding.