Anyone who has spent or is considering spending time and money on searching for Business Funding including Grants, Loans and more has asked himself/herself the question “Does Business Funding Exist?”

Our Advisors, Customer Service Agents, Engineers, and Financial Specialists have set out to answer this question once and for all, and examining other related mysteries along the way, like:

Is there Business Funding Available in 2015-2016?

Each year funding is allocated to businesses to maintain economic stability. Federal, State and Private funding is made available. Our Team at FundzNetwork regularly updates themselves allowing business owners to maximize their opportunities.

What is required to Apply?

Funders are always looking for serious business owners. Having the proper documents allows funders to see the seriousness and understand how the funding will be properly invested. FundzNetwork works step by step with you, to create these documents showcasing your professionalism and respecting all guidelines set by the agencies.

Why I got denied for Funding?

Applications are denied each year due to various factors including:

- Not presenting all relevant documents
- Non-compliance with Funders requirements
- Connecting with the wrong programs
-And much more....

How do Agencies take me Seriously?

Starting a business or expanding a business requires funding. Agencies tend to use their microscope to analyze and select businesses that are committed to success. Many serious businesses fail in being awarded funding because they do not satisfy what the Agencies are looking for.

Our Team at FundzNetwork values your business venture and works with you to simplify the process for funding and maximizing your opportunities by removing all obstacles before the Agencies review your applications.

Our Advisors and Customer Service Agents will help you from start to finish. Our Engineers, Financial and Funding Specialist have devoted their time to make the funding process simple, easy and encouraging.