At FundzNetwork we help our clients realize that there is a detailed application process, which can be extremely long and difficult, especially if you have never done this before. Documents must be done properly, completely and professionally in order to have any hope at all that the agencies will open your file, look at it, review it and then render a decision. Unless you do that, you cannot get to the funding.

Guaranteed Grants DO NOT exists. People may “GOOGLE” and expect to find and receive guaranteed grants or even better, demand that they get a grant as the only criteria to start a business. They may talk about them, late night infomercials may advertise them, but we are here to give you the facts: Guaranteed Funding does NOT exist !

That is why we here at FundzNetwork, are constantly working with our clients to make sure that ALL documents are set up in a comprehensive and professional manner, in order to present your business as a viable one that merits funding from the different funding agencies we help you apply to.

There are steps that need to be followed so let us stop setting ourselves up for disappointment and failure and let our Team help you succeed thru this application process.